Short 3d MAX Q&A




Question 1. Scale

What is the general scale in MAX units that Morrowind
works at?

1. Scale 1.0 units = 1 inch

Question 2. Landscape editing

When painting the landscape, it seems that you can
only paint in one square at a time.. is this the case
are there any shortcuts to painting larger areas?

Answer 2. You can not edit the radius of the textures being painted.

Question 3. Modeling body parts

Was there some sort of base that you worked from for
each part to get the scale? at the moment I am just
modeling, checking it out in game, adjusting and
re-saving it etc.

Answer 3. We will be releasing a template for modders to work from in the 
near future - this will include a tutorial

Question 4. Vertex weighting??

I have worked out how to add new parts of Armour and
clothing etc... but when it comes to making the models
that deform with the characters movement e.g. a skirt,
I've hit a brick wall. Am I right in thinking this is
to do with vertex weighting or am I heading in
completely the wrong direction??

Answer 4. This too will be explained in the tutorial.

Question 5. The .NIF Exporter

At the moment I am using the Freedom Force exporter to
get my .NIF files into TESCS, will the Morrowind
exporter be released and will it have any advantages

Answer 5. Released

Question 6. Lighting

When I export models there are a few options when it
comes to lighting. How did you approach the lighting
with the models in the game??

Answer 6. I don't do anything special with lighting.