Tutorial 1 - Icons



   Ok, due to popular demand I have decided to create an Icon file tutorial to guide you through the problems of creating a nice icon for your new item.


    I am assuming that you are using Adobe Photoshop for this process (because its the best program imho), if you are using Paint shop pro or another tool it should be fairly easy to work out what you need to do.


    here goes..............


Step 1



Create a new file and give it dimensions of  32 X 32 pixels



Step 2


Weave some creative magic and draw yourself the icon you want, its a good idea to go for a black background.

if you are using the icon for a brand new 3d model I recommend rendering a picture of the item and using that, then you can be sure that your new icon looks the same as the model


Step 3


    Ok, this is the part where most people save the picture and and hope it will work. But there is another stage to complete before the icon is ready to be added to your shiny new mod. You have to create an alpha channel for your icon and to the un-knowing this can seem a little daunting at first. But fear not! as its far easier to understand than its name suggests!. 

    The alpha channel is basically a a black and white layer used to show transparency, Black meaning transparent, white meaning solid and all the shades of grey in-between meaning the different levels in between black and white. Now that you understand that (he he or even if you don't) 

    here's an easy way to set up an alpha channel for your icon. use one of the select tools and select an outline around your object. then go to the select drop down menu and click save selection. type in a name like "alpha" and click ok. if you click on the channels tab on your layers toolbar you will see the red green and blue channels, and your brand new alpha channel, it should look like a reverse silhouette of you object.


Step 4


    final step. if you have for some reason used layers to create your masterpiece,  go to the layers tab and flatten the image, now go to save as and save your file as a TGA and make sure the little check box that says "alpha channels" is checked. There you go, you now have an Icon file ready for the editor